and a Dewdrop
August 31, 2008

  I only learned the name of Touch-me-not the year before, courtesy of a nature walk led by Spring Reilly at Bald Eagle State Park.

Touch-me-nots seem most abundant in late summer or early fall, with hundreds of the blossoms everywhere. They're beautiful either in groups or, shown below, individually.

Spotted touch-me-not flower
  This particular one is a spotted touch-me-not.

After I took the photo above, I began thinking in terms of dewdrops on touch-me-nots. On a sunny day, refraction through a dewdrop opens new worlds.

Two dewdrops
  If I remember correctly, sap from a touch-me-nots is a handy home remedy for bug bites.

Photo note: Both were taken with the Pentax *1st D and the SMC-A* 200mm macro lens today in the Toftrees game land behind Cooper's Pond, State College, Pennsylvania.

Dew worlds and on branches and flowers

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