Seven Signs of Spring
at Cooper's Pond, State College, Pennsylvania
March 2007

Within the past two weeks, the signs of spring have come fast and furious.

To begin, song sparrows have arrived in large number and are beginning to sing.

Song sparrow singing
  Red squirrels are licking branches in anticipation of sap rising.
Red squirrel licking sap
  A mallard couple are scouting the area to check nesting sites.
Mallard couple flying
  And a turkey vulture couple (if I can be as bold as to guess the reason for their proximity) become involved with intense manuevers.
Turkey vulture couple flying
  Meanwhile, on the Toftrees pond, wood duck couples and Canada goose couples are staking out their territories.
Wood duck couple and Canada goose couple
  Frogs have been chirping, and today I photographed my first bullfrog of the year.
  The beautiful butterfly mourning cloak has also appeared.
Butterfly mourning cloak
  What can I say except: It's spring.

Photography note: The photos were taken with a Pentax *ist D and the SMC 1000mm reflex lens.  

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