Love the Macro

Flowers and such, part 1

  The irony in trying to display macro photos on the web is due to the nature of downloading, which dictates smaller images, not at all the small shown large. Nevertheless, there are some advantages of web macros. For instance, as one approaches a larger and larger view of an object via a macro lens (in this case the Panagor 90mm), the resulting depth of field means anything else can be blurred out of existence, such as in the following pansy photo.

  And any photo that features a significant blur can become a smaller-sized jpeg and, consequently, more suitable for web reproduction.

Once the "small" is thought of in its own right, the otherwise commonplace assumes a beauty all its own, such as pine needles.

Pine needles

  The particular combination of the Panagor lens for blurring while maintaining a very sharp subject image adds a very three-dimensional quality to macro photography, such as in this bunch of purty flowers:
Purple flowers

They were just around the corner but certainly beautiful enough to be found in the best of arboretums.


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