A Photo Visit
to Jacks Mountain Hawkwatch
September 14, 2008


Jacks Mountain is one of the great hawkwatch sites in Pennsylvania. And as it's only about 30 miles away from me, I thought a visit would be in order, especially since the State College Bird Club had a field trip there. Following someone driving is a lot easier than following directions.

Jacks Mountain is particularly known for the number of broadwings that fly over. Today was no exception, although the sun wasn't in a particularly good position. Photography was rough, but there were plenty of broadwings to choose from.

Broadwing hawk

A broadwing is a crow-sized hawk (or buteo, if I was being proper in hawk nomenclature).
Broadwing hawk

During one part of the day, a turkey vulture perched on a nearby tower and surveyed everyone at the hawkwatch.
Turkey vulture, perching

No one looked particularly dead, and turkey vulture flew on. TVs, as they're known, are magnificent flyers.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K200D, with the SMC reflex 1000mm lens.  

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