Explosive Daisy
at Saddle Rock, Long Island
October 2003


Autumn around Saddle Rock is dominated by daisies in their second flowering. From a macro viewpoint, particularly fascinating about any daisy is its yellow head, a collection of miniature flowers, or florets. The florets open in sequence (outer to inner) and, in so doing, resemble an explosion in slow motion. (The thumbnails on the left lead to images that average about 40K.)

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The newly opened daisy presents a head of beautiful geometric symmetry. However, the edge does show a little turbulance.

Seen from the side, the head spirals inward.
Side view of young florets

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Halfway through the daisy's pollen-release cycle, note how the head arches upward.

Doesn't it look like a science fiction movie scene: watching an explosion engulfing an entire planet.

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The final stage of the explosion: The inward spiral is long forgotten, and the heart is now a spherical.
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Here's a profile of a beautiful daisy, in which you can see the explosive opening of the florets in their final shape.
Photography note: The photos were taken with a digital Sony F707 and a variety of closeup filters.  

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