Eastern Chipmunks
At work and play
December 3, 2006


Many eastern chipmunks avoid the relatively "easy" life of living near a human residence in favor of forests and fields. But wherever a chipmunk has a home, it lives by the chipmunk prime directive: gather food.

Occasionally, food gathering involves deft gymnastics.

Chipmunk gymnastics

The point of twirling around was to have a berry feast.
Chipmunk and berries

Early spring is the most difficult time for foragers; that is, until trees, bushes, and plants begin bearing a new crop. Until then, every last berry of the previous season is eaten.
Chipmunk with large pouches

The goal for any chipmunk is to return to the burrow with extra food for storage.
Two chipmunks greeting

Although chipmunks are mostly solitary, young ones stay near each other or with mom.
Two chipmunks exploring

There's nothing like some practice climbing to prepare for the real thing.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with a variety of lenses, during spring 2006.  

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