The Bunny Hop
. . . or Leapin' Cottontails
May 11, 2008

  Two bunnies stare at each other, head to head, alert and ready.
Two cottontails square off
  Look out! It's a jumping contest.
Bunny hop
  A few days ago, while Sue and I were having breakfast, the two eastern cottontails slowly approached one another. We had no idea that a hopping contest was about to begin, but there it was.

I didn't think that I'd have enough time to grab my camera, but again and again, the two cottontails would face each and then see who could hop higher. In the beginning, the younger (and smaller) bunny did most of the jumping, but then the larger one entered the fray.

There were occasional variations in the contest, such as one cottontail running underneath the jumping one.

Cottontails charging past each other
  Whatever the variation, the preferred competition was mutual jumping.
Leaping cottontails
  What was it all about? Competition? Mating? Territory? Parent-child?

I have no idea. But when the dust (so to say) settled, the two cottontails munched together side by side.

Leaping cottontails
  Maybe they were practicing for the State College Bunny Olympics.

Photo note: I used the Pentax *1st D with the SMC-A* 200mm macro lens on May 8, 2008, for these photos.

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