A Tricolored BumblebeeJuly 24, 2022

  My expectation was that a bumblebee is a bumblebee, but I have subsequently discovered that there are many different kinds, such as the tricolored bumblebee (Bombus ternarius).
Tricolored bumblebee
  I mean, how great is that? There's a bumblebee with what all intents is an orange belt (or pants or a vest or what have you).

Next is a tum view, also rather striking.

Tricolored bumblebee
  The final photo is the tricolored bumblebee flying away; consequently, it isn't as sharp, but it does show the colors very distinctly.
Tricolored bumblebee liftoff
  Bumblebees are great!

Photo note: The photos were taken with the Pentax K3-II and the Pentax SMC-A* 200mm macro lens during July 2018 at the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden, State College, Pennsylvania. (Yes, it has definitely taken me a while before posting these.)

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