Black BearFeb. 21, 2010

  One day in 2005, the first full year that Sue and I lived in State College, Pennsylvania, Sue went into the game land by herself. And for the first time, she brought along a camera.

And wouldn't you know: She not only encounters a black bear but comes home with the photos to prove it.

I've been hoping for a similar photos for years, and whereas any number of people report seeing black bears there, I've yet to meet one. So although these pages are a photographic record of the animals I come across, I think it is about time that I reported Sue's bear.

The grand meeting occurred on a warm day in August. The bear looked well fed and not particularly interested in passing the time with a human.

A black bear approaching
  Rather than continue approaching Sue, the black bear cut across a meadow and headed for shade. It was, after all, a hot day.
A black bear, perhaps smiling
  It looks as if the bear had something of a smile. What sort of private joke would a black bear be enjoying?

Photo note: The photos were taken with a little Sony digital camera by Sue Gottfried on August 7, 2005.

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