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Way out and across the snow
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The links are divided between web access (right below), news and blogs, past and present wildlife, very useful sites, and people who have maintained a presence from the early years of the web.

News and Blogs

Naked Capitalism
Comprehensive news and information via its daily links and articles.

A Family in Baghad
The personal blog of a family in Baghad and a human face to a distant country.

Juan Cole *Informed Comment*
The site of a Chicago professor who has done an amazing job in summarizing and analyzing all the news from the Middle East.

Wildlife Past and Present

Grey and Red: A Squirrel Journal
Curious about squirrels? The journal covers everything from daily life to rehabilitation. Good photos, good stories, great entertainment.

How to Locate a Wildlife Rehabilitator
The first site to go to if you ever come across an injured animal in the U.S. (Each state licenses its own wildlife rehabititators.)

A Rat Adventure
Rats? Pets? Very adorable! There's much to learn at this site by Jan Martin.

Good and Useful

CBC 4 Kids
Excellent site with many activities for children. Pretty good for adults too.

A Collection of Icelandic Photographs and Landscapes
Icelandic photos (with many other references to Iceland)! Beautiful and extremely comprehensive site!

Critters Writers' Workshop
An online group for fantasy, horror, and science fiction writers who both critique members' stories and receive critiques of their own stories. It works amazingly well, and it's free. I personally find it extremely useful and wholehearted recommend Critters to anyone writing genre fiction.

Mad about Mountains
Many Lake District photos with links to other LD and mountain sites.

PC Connection or MacConnection
What better source of blame for my pages than this mail-order and online computer shoppe, from which I've been buying stuff for over 10 years. Their catalogs are great, the online store is great, and its sales reps are efficient.

Robin Kanta Photographic Supply
Filters and related equipment in profusion! My first stop for any filter.

Scientific American Frontiers
Bats, rainforests, computers as fashion, polls, contests, Alan Alda, and other wildlife and topics for the curious, children, and/or curious children.

University of Central Florida Libraries: Special Collections Department
Good collections and good people.

Web Clip Art
Excellent resource for free graphics on the web, compiled by Bobbie Peachey who is always celebrating Christmas.


Anonymomma's World
A celebration of life, although it has been a few years since she has updated anything.

Vaellustarinoita Lapista
Although Antti's pages are in Finnish, the landscape photos from his annual hiking jaunt through northern Finland (the vidda) are well worth viewing.

Arun and Rekha
They have a lovely collection of photos from the State College, Pennsylvania, area, including ice and spring images.

Art or Life?
The web pipe tobacco reviewer himself. Professional animation too as well as various surprises.

Brigitte Zaczek
Exquisite pages that inspire visitors to write poetry in her guestbook. Also, her guitar cd is of such beauty as to make anyone want to visit Vienna to hear more.

Virtually Virtual Iceland
Garðar Jóhann's huge site with material on Iceland, SF, stamps, and more. His sequence of color interpretations of Icelandic landscape photos is a visual feast.

Susan Hanniford Crowley
A professional science fiction writer, editor, and teacher who offers a series of online lessons for writing.

Pipes and tobacco
A class by itself, but I'm not repeating the links here: Try my pipe and tobacco page for them.


And if you followed the footprints across the snow in the first photo above, you'd come across this aspect of the pretty city of Reykjavík, Iceland. (Who says that Iceland doesn't have trees, anyway?)
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