Clip art? Bobbie Peachey!

I had first met Bobbie Peachey (well, "met" = receiving email) several years ago. At the time, she was seeking help in designing an award which she wanted to offer from her site.

Another year or so went by, and I heard from her about her new web job with the startup Mining Company, which was going to be an overview of the web. Her chosen field was clip art.

More years passed by, the Mining Company metamorphized into, and Bobbie is still gathering clip art.

She has amassed perhaps the largest link list pertaining to every type of clip art imaginable. And aside from being thoroughly productive, Bobbie is also very organized. A person looking for clip art doesn't have to wade through one or two enormous lists but can be directed to subject matter of choice. Categories range from alphabets to tutorials to gemstones to law and more.

In addition to keeping track of new clip art sites and updating and verifying the listed ones, Bobbie has time to keep a few of her own sites (The Strand of Tangled Web, A Universe of Cool Links, and Christmas/Holiday), as well as maintaining a reputation for answering email faster than a speeding bullet. So it's only natural that Bobbie should have a larger than life presence.
Bobbie Peachey

Bobbie dominating the party again.

Bobbie Peachy's Clip Art Collections

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