CWC Release
Lucky, an Adult Bald Eagle
May 13, 2018


On July 22, 2020, Lucky, an adutl bald eagle, was released in central Pennsylvania by Robyn Graboski, director of Centre Wildlife Care (CWC).

Back in April 2020, Lucky didn't appear particularly lucky. She flew into the windscreen of a vehicle and suffered various injuries, including a torn throat and concussion. Then luck took a turn: Nearby were State Game Warden Amanda Isett and Wildlife in Need transporter DM Sheeler-Kennedy who took the bald eagle to CWC, and over the months Lucky made an excellent recovery. Robyn helped cure her from both lead poisoning and West Nile virus.

In the photo below, Lucky ran out as soon as Robyn opened the crate.

Lucky coming out

Only a step outside the crate, Lucky launched herself into the air (Robyn Graboski, left, and State Game Warden Amanda Isett, right).
Lucky, Robyn, and Amanda

Lucky is one determined bald eagle.
Lucky gaining altitude

Another powerful flap from Lucky.
Lucky hidden

Lucky began soaring once reaching sufficient altitude.
Lucky soaring

Lucky flying toward the ridge: a really long and fine flight on the initial release.
Lucky flying toward ridge

Lucky was one of those releases that celebrates the good work of wildlife rehabbers and rangers.

On Facebook there is a 7-photo album from a different viewpoint that covers the release very well and was taken by State Game Warden Amy Nabozny. The album is on the CWC public page on Facebook (you don't have to be an FB member to see the album).

And here is a WTAJ video interview with Robyn about the release.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K3-ii, with the SMC-DA* 60-250mm lens, for my photos, taken on July 22, 2020.

Note 2: Earlier bald eagle releases: Canace (January 2013), Xena (September 2013), Lana (October 2015), Teddy (January 2016), Ronny (Feb. 2018), and Phoenix (March 2018).
In January 2016, Zeus (Jan. 2016) and Mercury (Jan. 2019).

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