CWC Releases 2 Bald Eagles
Brenda and Starr
Oct. 3, 2020


On Oct. 1, 2020, Brenda (a juvenile bald eagle) and Starr (a 4-year-old bald eagle) were released in central Pennsylvania by Robyn Graboski, director of Centre Wildlife Care (CWC), and State Game Warden Macklem.

Inasmuch as Brenda and Starr became well (via Robyn's care) at the same time, Robyn thought that releasing both together would be advantageous to the younger eagle who could learn from the older one.

In the photo below, Robyn checks that everyone is ready for the simultaneous release.

Robyn Graboski and State Game Warden Macklem

Both crates were opened at the same time, but it is the young Brenda who immediately steps out.
Brenda strides out

As soon as Brenda cleared the crate, she raised her wings for a powerful flap.
Brenda raises her wings

Brenda takes flight.
Brenda takes flight

As Brenda rose ever higher, Starr peeks from her crate.
Brenda flying away while Starr looks out her crate

While I was distracted by Brenda, Starr took the opportunity to fly away, and I only found her again when Starr was well on her way to the ridge.
Starr showing her tail feathers

By the time I had checked out Starr's location, Brenda also reached the ridge.
Brenda showing tail feathers

Happily, Brenda turned and gave us some good views before she settled into a tree.
Brenda returns for a brief visit

Both eagles flew well and strongly, giving us confidence for their successfully living in the wild.

On Facebook there is a 14-photo album that includes photos from State Game Warden Amy Nabozny and background information about the eagles. The album is on the CWC public page on Facebook (you don't have to be an FB member to see the album).

Photo note: I used a Pentax K3, with the SMC-DA* 60-250mm lens, for my photos, taken on Oct. 1, 2020.

Note 2: Earlier bald eagle releases:
Canace (January 2013), Xena (September 2013), Lana (October 2015), Teddy (January 2016), Ronny (Feb. 2018), Phoenix (March 2018), and Lucky (July 2020).

Note 3: Golden eagle releases:
In January 2016, Zeus (Jan. 2016) and Mercury (Jan. 2019).

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