Canada Geese
Learning to Walk, part 2

While the gosling's first strides seemed pretty good (from the previous page), it then got its feet kind of twisted and came to an abrupt stop. Although the following photos are not in exact sequence, they do illustrate the gosling's "walking" cycle.

  GOSLING: Oooops! Oops! Oops! Something's happening!
MOM: Move your left foot! Your left foot!
DAD: Move your right foot! Your right one!
Gosling down

  GOSLING: Hmmm. I feel safe now.
MOM: Get up you lazy!
Gosling up

  GOSLING: I did it! I did it!
MOM: Now just move a foot. Any foot.
DAD: Let's go over to the bench where there's some bread tossing.
Gosling run

  GOSLING: Look at me go! My feet are big as Dad's!
MOM: Look out for that pebble on your left.
Learning to Walk, part 1

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